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Building a business is often an endeavor we hear others talking about - their trials and tribulations; their successes and failures.  While I am certainly "following my passion" with my photographic art in recent years, I am also trying to take a few risks to see how images "translate" onto products well. Are colors reproduced well? Are images suitable for prints and iPad covers, for instance? Is art best confined to simple 2 dimensional forms? Do people buy pillows with unique artwork that can't be purchased at major department or discount stores?  ...well, the research into all that continues as I continue to risk purchases to see for myself.  

I have been truly surprised by the quality of the reproduction of color and image that I have uploaded to a variety of photography product related vendors.  Truly amazed at how true to my image colors they are.  And so I have taken those types of risks in order to be certain that when I offer something to you, a potential buyer, that you know that I've already made sure that you will be getting wonderful quality and color reproduction on any product you order from me.  My print partner vendors offer guaranteed satisfaction to their work, and so can I because of their dedication to the business.

I am offering - at a greatly reduced price - a special pairing of products. It's another one of those "risks" I'm taking.  Does it work to offer an iPhone case along with an iPad case?  If you like an image, would you want that artwork on both your primary mobile devices?  It's an immersion in "iArt for iDevices" as I call it.  Of course, it might make more business sense to sell each item separately, for as much as the market allows, and be content to take that "safe" route.  OR if I'm truly trying to create an environment for inspiring beauty, isn't it worth a risk to invite others to go beyond buying a practical case for either an iPhone or an iPad case, by buying beautiful and practical cases?  As in the words of a current TV commercial on U.S. channels, "...I like 'and' better"!  

I'm taking that risk! Are there are at least 3 people out in the world who want to own fabulous art to coordinate their iPhone 5 and iPad (Generation 2, 3, or 4) cases? Each of these pairs are offered for a combined cost that's well below fair market value. Each of them are brand new and will be shipped out as soon as they are ordered.  There are only 1 of each pairing that are available at this value.  Whether for you or for someone you know, these iPhone 5 & iPad cases will be more than just beauty for your iDevices, but also offer good protective value as well, as they are made by Case Mate who is well known in the field of accessories for mobile devices.  This special offer only applies to the cases for the devices. (No iPhone or iPad is included - a disclaimer that must be stated.)

Below are the images of the products.  You'll find these products, with larger views, in my gallery entitled, "Special Offers" under Featured Galleries in the "Photographic Art" tab at the top of this page.   

Thank you for your visit and please consider sharing these special offers with all who might be interested.   

UPDATE as of January 25, 2014 - These items are now NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Thank you to all who have shown interest in them! 

"Two Sisters in Bloom" for iPhone5 and iPad cases "Ranunculas on the Hillside" on iPhone5 and iPad cases


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