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He Watches Me Who keeps you company?  We are kept company by some Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, or simply put, Cavaliers, on any given day. And we love this breed.  They take their "jobs" as lap dogs very seriously.  Where there is a lap to be found in our house, a Cavalier arrives shortly after and graces it with his presence.  Or in the case of the other type of laptop - a computer - in their way, they will sit next to us, as closely as possible. 

I used my iPhone to capture his expression as he lay, with his muzzle resting upon a pillow that was turned over on the sofa. I had gone to sit down again, when I discovered him watching me. My Olympus was out of reach in the moment, so I reached into a pocket and retrieved my iPhone, putting it on silent before I took a few pictures. I have found if I can quickly silence my iPhone before trying to take pictures of our dogs, they are less distracted. Spaniels respond to the least distraction, such as the clicking, and will move or change position altogether. So, to capture this pose, I tried to move as little as possible myself, and quiet the phone, while trying to focus and compose as quickly as I could. He gave me almost 45 seconds before engaging in a chase with one of our other two cavaliers.  

What do you think about iPhoneography? - about photography with an iPhone or a smart phone's camera?  I know people have their preferences, but I'm amazed at how "divided" some conversations can still be.  There are so many apps to be used, whether as cameras, or photo editing, or photo enhancements for these smart phones now, that in late 2010 I decided I would do a 365 day project, starting January 1, 2011, using only my iPhone. I opened a Flickr account for that purpose, separate from my original Flickr photostream. I did this as a form of discipline and a form of pushing my own comfort level, challenging myself to get creative with Apps.  Basic photography still applies, of course, but it was a challenge letting go of trying to only present "beautiful" or picturesque type shots.  I quickly chose, instead, to let that day's "subject" find me; to capture my attention, my imagination. Many of the images are not ones I was particularly proud of due to the mundane or simplistic subject matter. Yet, that gave me the freedom to explore the use of Apps with the images. And often more than three or four or five Apps were used.  It was work to stay that focused, daily, on capturing an image, much less the time to post process with Apps.  Yet, I didn't miss one day.  

That year changed my focus on photography. Pun intended. My love for Macro was side-stepped for the use of basically a simple point and shoot camera. I had little manual control over anything while shooting with the iPhone, as I was use to. And ALL post-processing was done by Apps in the iPhone and not by Photoshop on my computer! It was a humbling time of letting go and learning anew. It was a time of discovering aspects of creativity I never knew I had. It was a time of dropping all self-consciousness about being a Photographer and just getting out there and being totally present to what ever the subject was of that day.  No matter who drove by, walked by, stopped or didn't to watch. No matter what anyone thought. No matter what I thought would come of it. I simply used that year to hone my skills of everything related to photography as best I could with an iPhone and Apps.  As a matter of fact, many of those iPhoneography images got more views and faves and comments and made it to Flickr's Explore than did my photos taken with my DSLR on that original Flickr photostream. I still post to both Flickr streams, but not as often as I used to now. I am so grateful for Flickr in giving us the venue in which to view so many incredibly gifted photographers' works, whether SOOC or post-processed. It's amazing work that others do!

In case you're wondering, I used only one App beside the camera app, on the photo above. It's one of my newest that I'm still getting familiar with. It's "Portray".  And I like it a lot!  



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