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This Artist's "First"!

February 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

For all of you who love or create art, you know it's always encouraging and a wee bit exciting when someone else seems to genuinely enjoy your work enough to purchase a piece, whether for themselves or as a gift.  Chances are it is that type of encouragement that has bolstered any confusion about the tired old nagging thoughts - "Will anyone else like this?" - that one can have when completing a new piece. It is hard to know if we are creating out of need, desire, or sheer inspiration. Yet, create we do. And creators of art we are. And the creation process begins anew with each effort undertaken.  

During the last few months of 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to submit some of my original artwork to an Art Broker who was seeking out work from local artists in my area. (It was my first experience to work with an Art Broker and she made it a wonderful, encouraging experience, too.)  One of our local hospitals was nearing completion of a major expansion and needed all new work to enhance the many new spaces for art in public and staff areas of the hospital. Out of my eight submissions, which underwent team panel reviews by hospital staff, 3 were selected for inclusion in the staff areas. I was over-the-moon excited by the news of any of my work, much less 3 pieces, being accepted.  They would become my first pieces to be held in a corporate collection! 

Immediately, I needed to find a local print shop with whom to work for the final mounted, prints.  One local printer was very helpful, running trial versions on different papers for me so that I could determine which paper types and weights best completed the digital art I created. I was thrilled with the final choices and the folks who helped me there seemed to be as well. The prints were mounted and then delivered to the Art Broker who then handled the matting and faming details with a framer who was doing much of the work prior to the final installation. In such as a hospital setting the pieces all had to be framed with materials that would endure cleaning with products that kept things sanitary. There was also a  certain need for continuity in the matting and framing styles with the art selected throughout the new spaces.  

In late January of this year there was a public Grand Opening in the new hospital tower. My husband joined me as we went off in search of the areas in which we could find my artwork. He was also gracious enough to take photos of me with my pieces, once we found each of the three. Though I hadn't intended to post any photos of myself with my work - as I usually dodge being in front of any camera - I have chosen to go ahead and post this as I'm very proud of my work being selected and humbled to be seen with it here. 

PLWalker & Art in Rainier PavilionPLWalker & Art in Rainier PavilionIn this triptych I am standing with my artwork recently acquired by a local hospital. Artwork seen here from Left to Right: I Dream of Clouds in the Lilypads; Glad is the Heart of the One Who Basks in Joy; Ranunculi on the Hillside.

International Mobile Photography Day

October 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's International Mobile Photography Day!! Who knew? Or, better yet, who decides such days of recognition?  

Well I can't answer those questions, but I received an email with a link to an article that declared today as IMP day, so I suppose it must be True.  And then it occurred to me that I had just taken a few pictures with my iPhone after walking back to my car after a leisurely breakfast with friends. As I was about to get in the car I noticed the small parking lot where we parked.  I noticed the ground, in particular.  So I closed the car door, instead of getting in, and wandered off to a part of the parking lot that was unoccupied, studying the pattern beneath my feet as I walked.  

The pattern was created not only by the concrete grid work but also by the green mossy growth that occupied the spaces. It seemed a wonderful contrast to the usual materials used in most parking lots, though I have no idea what the origin of this was or why this material was chosen.  But I digress here. Let me switch the focus back to it being International Mobile Photography Day! 

While I had been intrigued by the pattern in the parking lot I had composed quite a few variations of framing out the shot and used my iPhone to capture them.  I thought such a pattern might be interesting as a background layer in a composite piece.  In light of having just read the article about IMP day I decided to go back to those parking lot patterned shots and work on one.  I had no idea what I would do with one, but thought I would just let some apps offer that sense of direction.  I'm a photo editing iPhone app addict, I must admit.  So I decided to go with a few I haven't used recently along with others I use all the time.  

Here's the order of apps as I used them... (Be sure to check the "settings" area in each app to chose what you want as "default" photo saving options. I always choose largest file size and to save as a new image, leaving my original in the iPhone's camera roll.)

  • the default camera
  • PerfectPhoto - alignment option to straighten the picture and also used the crop option for a 1:1 ration
  • Pic Tap Go- using 3 (or was it 4?) filter effects
  • Over - for "artwork" - I chose the text graphic elements instead of the regular text options, available as well
  • Camera+ - for the border 
  • Impression - for signature/watermark on the image
  • Big Photo to resize it smaller for use on the web
  • Dropbox to upload the image so as to quickly access it via my computer.

I had no preconceived idea of what I wanted to do with the original image. I most often enjoy the process of simply being creative and letting the photo take on a life of its own as I go.  As I began to choose the graphic text elements, out of the selection available, I tried to create a simple phrase.  Once I decided on "Free the Truth", then once I brought it into Camera+ for border options, I discovered what seemed to be the front of an old TV style border.  I think I was influenced by the recent contentious political scene in the U.S. and how it was played out on TV. Perhaps it all seemed to come together as my own little political statement!

This is a simplistic result of creating something different out of an original image. I spent less than 30 minutes on the project, trying to demonstrate how varied the results can be. Yet the potential for using photos taken with mobile devices, along with any combination of apps to create dramatically different and artistic results, is endless! Oh, and this won't be the last project I use that original in either.

If you have a mobile device that takes pictures, I encourage you to make EVERY DAY a Mobile Photography Day of your own.  Below is the Original, as well as the one that I created using the apps mentioned above so that you can view the differences.  Happy IMP Day, Everyone!

Parking Lot Pattern_Original    Free the TruthFree the Truth

A Special Offer - iArt for iDevices

August 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Building a business is often an endeavor we hear others talking about - their trials and tribulations; their successes and failures.  While I am certainly "following my passion" with my photographic art in recent years, I am also trying to take a few risks to see how images "translate" onto products well. Are colors reproduced well? Are images suitable for prints and iPad covers, for instance? Is art best confined to simple 2 dimensional forms? Do people buy pillows with unique artwork that can't be purchased at major department or discount stores?  ...well, the research into all that continues as I continue to risk purchases to see for myself.  

I have been truly surprised by the quality of the reproduction of color and image that I have uploaded to a variety of photography product related vendors.  Truly amazed at how true to my image colors they are.  And so I have taken those types of risks in order to be certain that when I offer something to you, a potential buyer, that you know that I've already made sure that you will be getting wonderful quality and color reproduction on any product you order from me.  My print partner vendors offer guaranteed satisfaction to their work, and so can I because of their dedication to the business.

I am offering - at a greatly reduced price - a special pairing of products. It's another one of those "risks" I'm taking.  Does it work to offer an iPhone case along with an iPad case?  If you like an image, would you want that artwork on both your primary mobile devices?  It's an immersion in "iArt for iDevices" as I call it.  Of course, it might make more business sense to sell each item separately, for as much as the market allows, and be content to take that "safe" route.  OR if I'm truly trying to create an environment for inspiring beauty, isn't it worth a risk to invite others to go beyond buying a practical case for either an iPhone or an iPad case, by buying beautiful and practical cases?  As in the words of a current TV commercial on U.S. channels, "...I like 'and' better"!  

I'm taking that risk! Are there are at least 3 people out in the world who want to own fabulous art to coordinate their iPhone 5 and iPad (Generation 2, 3, or 4) cases? Each of these pairs are offered for a combined cost that's well below fair market value. Each of them are brand new and will be shipped out as soon as they are ordered.  There are only 1 of each pairing that are available at this value.  Whether for you or for someone you know, these iPhone 5 & iPad cases will be more than just beauty for your iDevices, but also offer good protective value as well, as they are made by Case Mate who is well known in the field of accessories for mobile devices.  This special offer only applies to the cases for the devices. (No iPhone or iPad is included - a disclaimer that must be stated.)

Below are the images of the products.  You'll find these products, with larger views, in my gallery entitled, "Special Offers" under Featured Galleries in the "Photographic Art" tab at the top of this page.   

Thank you for your visit and please consider sharing these special offers with all who might be interested.   

UPDATE as of January 25, 2014 - These items are now NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Thank you to all who have shown interest in them! 

"Two Sisters in Bloom" for iPhone5 and iPad cases "Ranunculas on the Hillside" on iPhone5 and iPad cases

A quick Shout Out to "Urban Alchemy of Tacoma"

July 15, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This last month has been quite full for me and I've neglected updating my blog! Yikes!! 

As I wrote in the last blog post, I've been busy preparing products featuring my photographic art for sale in a local artists' gallery.  The Grand Opening of "Urban Alchemy" in Tacoma, Washington was this past Friday, July 12th. It was a great start to what should be a local treasure of artists' creative endeavors. I am so excited to be part of this wonderful gallery.  

In additions to prints - mounted and/or framed and a large selection of fine art greeting cards that I have at Urban Alchemy, here are some of the items I have for sale there which include the following, but are not limited to just these -

     Standout image "Peony and Portrait"    Left to Right:  Standout image "Peony and Portrait" 10x10 inches;  "Ranunculas in Red" photo on tile, lacquered jewelry box - 7.5" square; set of 4 coasters (corked backed) with stand featuring "Rose du Provence".










Top to Bottom:  (Messenger Bags which each hold up to a 13" laptop; with two additional interior pockets) "Delightful Daises" and "Sisters in Bloom" -  featuring two ranunculas in red.  These bags are incredibly durable to withstand daily travel and use.


All of these products are subject to prior sale, but may be available upon request.  The Standout and the Coasters with Stand set are among the product lines available through my website here.  You could order any of my images to be made on those products through my website.

The other products featured (photo tile on the lacquered box and the Messenger Bags) are not available through product orders here.  I have had those specially made for me. If you have any interest in one of my images on this site being made into such designs as these, please let me know.

If you visit the Tacoma area, please stop in and visit the store to see for yourself the varied collection of art they have.  Here's a link for the Gallery : 

http: www.urbanalchemytacoma.com  


Thanks for your visit and for your interest in my work.  

An Exciting Venture

June 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's an exciting first step to have my photographic images and products available in a local artist gallery! I have been busy preparing the items so that they can well represent my art.  Items will be available in the gallery by month's end and I'll do a blog update with that info as soon as it's "official".  Images that can be seen here on my website will be included and images that I have not yet made available here will also be part of the items that will be in the first group of products.  I'm preparing cards, small prints - with mats and without, as well as wristlets, bags, and pillows that I have just ordered! One pillow can be seen in this promo below. I'm very hopeful to better understand which pieces of mine have a wider appeal and which seem to be sought after by others. This will help me narrow down what I offer.  

Products that are popular in the gallery offering may also find their way here, via my website, through my personal sales area.  Thanks, everyone, for your support of my work and for those of you who have made recent purchases.  Keep checking back with my blog for further updates on this exciting step! 

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