My love for photography extends from earliest memories, for lack of them photographically. We often refer to our memories, visually, as snapshots, don't we? Certain mental images seem to stay always present to us, so at the least recall of a distant detail one or many of those mental snapshots come to mind again. There are photographs that I have seen which have captured my imagination as much for what a photographer could do as well as for the image that resulted from those moments. And I can not forget them either. I love this quote from Ansel Adams, who said, "You don't take a photograph, you make it." I want to make photographs which leave a lasting impression for others. I want to try to capture those snapshot moments in life that do not have to linger in memory alone.

50 plus years ago, holding my family's Brownie camera and getting to use it for the first time seemed magical. Though no photos exist from those early days of mine, the awe for the mystery of it all still lingers. It would be later in college, after earning enough money for it, that I could buy my very own and first 'real' 35mm camera. A Minolta. I've gone through many since then and now proudly use an Olympus E-510 and also an Olympus E-PL5. I also use my iPhone 6's camera, and it's apps, to create iPhoneographic art as seen in the image above.

I am A Woman With A Camera wherever I go. The images found on this site are available for purchase, whether as prints, cards, or in a variety of other photographic forms. My images are also available in custom sizes, signed, and numbered series. (Please contact me directly for information.) Thank you for your visit and interest in my work. I hope you'll visit again.

Patricia L. Walker